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Stream Stalker Nets

Although "rubber" bags have become the norm in the last several years, we have many requests for a bag that is lighter in weight. The injection molded bags although easy on the fish are also heavy. They also tend to keep their form and look like a deep fry basket protruding from the vest, often leading to snagging in the brush.

So we are offering a compromise net. These are nylon bags with a rubber coating. They are fairly flexible and snag resistant, not as much as the molded bags but with pinched barbs, flies are easily removed from the bag.

Both versions come with the kanji symbol for water, inlaid resin on the limited edition and laser engraved on the regular version. Brodin logo on the reverse side on both.

10" by 15" opening.

$195 for the limited edition and $120 for the regular version.

Available September 1, 2021

Purpleheart handle and abalone measure dots and dovetailed butt cap.

Teak handle

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