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Little Shop in the Jungle

Our main shop is in Coronado, Costa Rica a little bit northeast of San José. It is very difficult for me to get there on a regular basis because Jeanne and I live four hours away in the small community of San Gerardo de Rivas. It is very near the entrance of Chirripó National Park which has the highest peak in the country at 12,000 feet. The air here is cool and clear, no planes passing overhead and a trout stream lays 400 meters below our house.

Besides the long distance travel I also do not want to interfere with the production schedule at the Coronado shop while working on new things. Thus the little shop in the jungle.

It's not quite done right now, we still have some finishing work to do, buy some tools and improve the entrance. The heavy part of the rainy season is fast approaching and the dirt path will quickly turn to mud.

The building is set on concrete and steel pillars because of the heavy slope of the land. It has metal framing and the walls are made of cypress that has been cut from our property. Cypress is a non-native species, has a short life and was introduced here to provide lumber for the residents.

We are looking forward to this shop enabling us to do creative work, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We will post more as this progresses.

Soon to be finishing room

Trout in the jungle

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