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Flyfish the Sierpe River in Costa Rica

Jeanne and I went to the town of Sierpe last week to explore the fishing opportunities there. The town is in the southern zone of Costa Rica and is located on the banks of the.. you guessed it…Sierpe river. We arrived there at about noon and were surprised to see about 50 people milling about, all packed up and waiting to go somewhere. And what they were waiting for was the water taxi to take them to Drake Bay, a popular tourist spot that is not easily accessible by car, thus the water taxi. And that is what Sierpe has become, a place to stay a few minutes.

After they cleared out the town was basically empty except for the person that we were there to meet, Pablo Chavez, who runs the towns only sport fishing operation. We discovered that Pablo knew a lot about fishing the Sierpe having spent the last 21 years there. He explained all of the different species that could be caught, snook, sea bass, roosters being the primary ones available to flyfishermen. There are even some tarpon that have worked their way through the Panama Canal to the Sierpe.

Pablo’s 23 foot boat can also handle running out to sea for bigger game. And the nearby Caño Island is within reach.

We thought it strange that there was only one fishing operation in town but most everyone heads over to the more popular Drake’s Bay where prices are higher. In other words, you will pretty much have the river to yourself except for a few mangrove tour operators.

The accommodations in town can only be described as basic, clean but nothing fancy. You won’t be getting any massages or hot stones put on your back. Nor will there be any night life. This is a place to go fishing.

Water hyacinths floating down the river

Five Stars?

Check out Pablo’s web site, plenty of fish pics. His boat has room for two casters. One fore and the other aft.

If you need help getting from the San Jose airport to Sierpe we would be glad to assist you.

The rest of the boats in town are mangrove tour boats

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