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Brodin Landing Nets - the beginning

When Chris Brodin moved from Chicago to Rathdrum, Idaho in 1976 his primary purpose in life was to fish as much as possible and to work only enough to support that habit. Since fly fishing was his passion it naturally followed that catch and release was mandatory. Chris began to search for a landing net that was not just functional but also a handsome piece of equipment that would fit well with his rods, reels, etc.

He searched far and wide and as he found nothing that he liked he came to the conclusion that he would have to make one himself. And so the fun commenced. With only his father's old band saw and a table saw he borrowed from a friend the work began in an abandoned chicken coop. The owner of the coop was a falconer hence Chris shared the space with a peregrine falcon.

It wasn't long before friends wanted nets and it dawned on him that a landing net business would be a perfect solution to financing his fishing habit. The first thing he needed was a logo, some stationery and a brochure.

The local sign ship provided him with just that.

Brodin Landing Nets was launched January of 1978.

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