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Cutthroat- Odin Model

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At last a net for vikings everywhere. The three horns symbol represents the three magical brews of mead that Odin was able to fill up every day.

The Norse god of warriors, poets and protector of flyfishermen (ok, we made that up), Odin and the viking sagas are an important part of our Swedish heritage. And since we now find ourselves with some extra time for creativity this is what we came up with:

The handle of the net is purpleheart, a very hard wood from Costa Rica. It starts out as a light purple wood, ages to maroon and ends up as an almost brown wood in time. The butt cap and horn inlay are from mango wood, yes from the same fruit that you may eat. We chose it for its nice texture. The bow is a five ply lamination of corteza (ironwood) and cypress. It is also available with a lighter wood for the bow called carey which is just as strong. Mother of pearl measure marks and fitted with our eco-clear net bag.

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