Jul 12

Cheap Useless Clasp


My father's day present was a El Zorro Cutthroat Carbon net. There is clip or clasp for the net that attaches to the ring on the back of my vest. The clip is cheap and useless. The nets I have owned in past had quality brass clasps that long wings to open and close. The net could be easily re-attached to the vest with these quality clasps. Not so with the Brodin product. You have to take the vest off to re-attach the net. Then the thing came apart.

My wife ordered the net directly from you. Can I return it?

If not, where can I buy a quality clasp like nets used to have?

Hi Ray,

Not exactly sure what the problem is. Our clips are one piece stainless steel so I don't see how it can come apart. The clip you are talking about is known as a French clip and is brass or nickel coated and is made out of cast iron. I do not know why you would need to remove your vest to re-attach the net. Perhaps you could send us some pics of the problem. You also might look into alternative ways of carrying a net. Our net holster is very easy to use and makes the net easily available but yet out of the way. https://www.brodin.com/post/nets-are-easy-to-carry-statement-or-question

Jul 13

The clasp came apart by the two arm becoming disengaged during the struggle to open it wide enough to get on my vest ring. Once disengaged, the arms spread unrestricted and unable to grasp anything.

My questions remain:

can I return the net for a refund?

can you direct me where I can buy the old fashioned quality fishing net clasp.



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