Jun 7

Brodin Phanthom net swivel connection

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I have a Brodin Phanthom net that had my swivel pop. It's only 3 years old so Im disappointed but the part on the swivel seems to be a tiny part that goes back in the hole but does not hold it, so Im assuming a part broke off. The hole connection appears to be metal so Im leary about drilling a deeper hole to put an eye hook into it. Any suggestions or is there a new part I can get?

The best solution is to super glue it. It will no longer swivel so make sure that you have it lined up the way you want it. Let us know if you have problems.

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  • My father's day present was a El Zorro Cutthroat Carbon net. There is clip or clasp for the net that attaches to the ring on the back of my vest. The clip is cheap and useless. The nets I have owned in past had quality brass clasps that long wings to open and close. The net could be easily re-attached to the vest with these quality clasps. Not so with the Brodin product. You have to take the vest off to re-attach the net. Then the thing came apart. My wife ordered the net directly from you. Can I return it? If not, where can I buy a quality clasp like nets used to have?